"You Are Personally Invited To Step Into The Private Inner Sanctum And Experience One Of The Most Incredible Programs Jim Rohn Has Ever Done!"

Jim and Ron

It was over four decades ago, but it is still as clear in my mind as if it were yesterday.

I was 18 years old, standing on stage receiving an award for top individual sales volume in the state of Georgia.

Working for one of the largest direct selling organizations in the world, I had learned the business fast and in 10 short months had become the youngest coach in the company's history at that time.

I still remember the VP of sales meeting me backstage with a huge smile on his face telling me that attendance to that years event was almost double what it had been last year.

Everybody wanted to see and hear the "boy wonder" and it was like a dream. None of it seemed real to me.

As I walked out on stage to thunderous applause to receive my awards, reality set in!

Asked by the VP to make a short speech, I eagerly shared with the audience that day some of the key ideas I had gotten from a special "insider's only" seminar taught by a man named Jim Rohn.

Now, many decades later, I have pulled this training out of my personal library and make it available to you.

You Are About To Hear The Ideas
That Can Truly Change Your Life!

Very few people realize this, but back in the 1970's, Jim Rohn had not yet become the monumental icon people know him as today.

In those days, he primarily gave lectures and seminars on the West Coast. If you were not in California, you probably had never heard of him.

Since the crowds were smaller back then, he could give more intense specialized coaching to the people who were lucky enough to attend his lectures.

Access to this information was not really promoted like his other seminars, so only a few ever got to hear it.

He taught this small, intimate group everything, and I mean everything that Earl Shoaff and Rich Schnackenberg had taught him about life and business.

Jim shares never-before-revealed personal information through out the seminar which gives you a vivid look at where he was and how he used what he learned to change his life.

He shares it in a way that makes you feel like he's sitting in your living room talking with you and a few close friends!

He probably will never do another seminar that shares this level of candid, intense life-changing information.

Luckily, this rare training was captured on audio but has not been made available until now.

Now YOU Get To Be In Jim's Inner Circle!

Transferred from the original tapes, these rare vintage recordings have been enhanced, cleaned up, digitally remastered, and are available as an instant MP3 download.

Now you can learn the true never-before-revealed secrets of life and business success brought to you in Jim Rohn's unique style.

If you're already a Jim Rohn fan, this training is a MUST for your library. If you've never heard of Mr. Rohn, this training could be the very thing that opens all the doors for you.

Many programs of this quality sell for $200 or more. At half that price, it would still be an incredible bargain, but you get instant access to this rare Jim Rohn program for less a nice dinner for two.

Jim always taught us that dinner will feed your body one time but what you become from your own personal development will pay for countless dinners and will feed your mind and soul forever =)

Start Listening NOW!

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Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you.

Your Unique Success Resource,
Ron Henley

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